Transitioning From Winter To Spring!

Transitioning From Winter To Spring!

Hello! Sickness took over our house with the super flu for the past month! So this year I am a late “Bloomer” for spring! That’s okay, I know I am not the only one. Better late than never!

As much as I love decorating for Christmas, I love decorating for Spring even more! I am sucker for pretty flowers and bunnies! Springtime creates such a softness to your home between delicate flowers and pastels and of course bunnies!

Decorating for Spring can be a lot easier than you think. Sometimes when we put away the Christmas décor there is a lot of empty spaces we have no idea what to do with. Try, changing out Christmas wreaths for spring ones! Maybe you wouldn’t normally put a wreath on your mirror but what softness it brings with a spring feeling, I used one that has gorgeous magnolias! If you cant find one you like remember I can create one custom for you!

I replaced my Christmas arrangement with a smaller magnolia arrangement on a cake pedestal to give it some dimension and create different heights and added a porcelain bunny. And as you read my blogs you will also see my love for blue and white porcelain. When decorating your home always use things that make you happy and inspire you, they don’t have to necessarily match but reflect who you are. Always love the things in your home and be inspired  daily.

Here’s a picture from my dining room Winter to Spring. Just simple changes removed the Christmas flower and used one of my ginger jars already on the table and made an arrangement in. Removed the reindeer for a porcelain bunny. And again if you need help with flower arrangements id be more than happy to help you create one custom to your area. We also carry pre-made ones in the shop.

I used mostly white flowers, mixture of lilies and hydrangeas added some greenery with pieces of a fern and a little color with some lavender. Its quite the statement without using a lot of colors, I didn’t want to take away from the blue and white porcelain but to complement it.

Be INSPIRED, create spring in your home remember the garden doesn’t have to stop outside! Mansion Chic will be set up at the HCC Annual Flower & Garden Show this year! We will have lots of gorgeous flower arrangements along with spring décor and bunnies all created by me. We will also be featuring furniture and other decor items along with our new garden line. Saturday, March 11th 9-5 & Sunday 12th 10-4.

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