Lets Talk Awkward Spaces…

Lets Talk Awkward Spaces…

Everyone has random or odd spaces they don’t know how to fill in their home.  We have this ledge above our door that I have been staring at for months now, trying to figure out what to do it was just so open and empty.

Sorry if the photo is a little dark, I do most of my projects around the house at nighttime considering our busy lifestyle. But as you can see it just needed something, it was so bare and awkwardly empty.

In any space your decorating in your home you should create a space to inspire your life, spaces that you feel good about with things you love. A space which reflects and inspires your family.

I get inspired by beautiful architecture around the world and different worldly art. I absolutely love culture. Several Months back I fell in love with these Spanish wood and iron doors and purchased them for the shop, I’ve stared at them every day I am at the shop dreaming of how beautiful they would be in someone’s home and what unique things they could use them for. Well I got tired of dreaming and wondering and I brought those babies home! They truly inspire me, and did I mention they are my favorite color, teal!

I always get these crazy ideas, my husband said you want to put those where? He huffed in amusement and we went and got them, even had to strap them to the top of our car since they would not fit inside! Needless to say he loves it! I put some vases and greenery to balance and soften. But Voila! No more empty awkward space!  Now every morning I walk down my stairs I get to truly be inspired by something I love, these gorgeous Spanish doors opened up to the window of what the day awaits outside. How exciting, now get excited about all the possibilities for your home!

I hope your inspired to create a home and a lifestyle you’ll love. Follow along as I reveal how to “Chic Your Home” in all aspects, from home decorating to recipes and everything in between!

Stay tuned!

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